Shad Becomes Your Boy Tony Braxton for 'Adult Contempt'

Shad Becomes Your Boy Tony Braxton for 'Adult Contempt'
Lately when Shad's picked up the mic, it's been to host CBC Radio's Q. Just today (July 15), though, he's returned with some original music.
A new 10-song offering dubbed Adult Contempt hears him ditching the name Shad and taking up the musical alter-ego of Your Boy Tony Braxton. A far cry from the fun-loving, retro-tinged hip-hop vibes we're used to from the rapper-turned-radio host, the new record finds the Canadian musician crooning his way through breezy R&B-esque pop tunes.
Shad explained the new project in a statement, which reads:
Musically, the inspirations for this album mainly come from the first things I ever heard on the radio. Vague memories of Michael Penn, Terence Trent D'arby, the Cure, Bryan Adams, Janet Jackson, and others that evoke a smile and a nostalgic sense in me. Lyrically, I have some fun here and there but a lot of the lyrics are just honest, simply-put musings–grappling with insecurity, love, and trying to become a better person.
The name — Your Boy Tony Braxton — obviously speaks to the era I'm evoking, but also to the lyrical content and overall tone: The idea of a dude named Tony Braxton who likes to sing (but obviously isnt as good as the famous Toni Braxton) is a surprisingly accurate embodiment of how this music feels to me: Vulnerable, funny, and ultimately, hopefully a worthwhile offering.
Your Boy Tony Braxton's debut is a totally unexpected and ridiculously fun album, and you can give it a spin right now in the player below via Arts & Crafts.