S.G. Sinnicks

If You Don't Want The Genie, Don't Rub The Lamp

BY Roman SokalPublished Mar 1, 2003

Steve "Solidarity" Sinnicks is the quintessential ubiquitous singer/ songwriter of Southern Ontario, and perhaps the country overall. On any given night, the drummer and guitarist is playing somewhere, at a grounded level, singing true songs about people, for the people. This latest release shows a developed Sinnicks, touching upon politics, heartbreak and a light but hard-hitting look at real hardcore middle-of-the-road living with the odd clever, cynical existential lyric that hits home. The recording and performance stays true as well, which makes this disc an honest representation of what it is like to be entertained by him. Some numbers receive additional touches of musicianship from the outside, best exemplified by Les Cooper and the Killjoys' Shelley Woods' bass bends. So next time, if you are in a hankering for something non-indie rock, it is suggested that Sinnicks' music be given a spin, because listening to his compositions is like having a great conversation with him - he entertains, teaches and challenges.

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