Seth Bogart Seth Bogart

Seth Bogart Seth Bogart
On his first release under his own name, Seth Bogart (aka Hunx of Hunx & His Punx) replaces his usual sense of camp with '80s melancholy. Electronic sounds dominate the record, from the heavy use of synthesizers to the digital vocal effects Bogart uses on "Nina Hagen-Daaz" a duet with fellow Burger Records pal Clementine Creevy.

For the most part, Seth Bogart is a large departure from Bogart's work as Hunx, which perhaps explains the shedding of his former moniker.

There are gems here, certainly: The Kathleen Hanna-featuring "Eating Makeup," which sports effervescent energy that almost bubbles over the song's edges, is a major highlight of the record, and demonstrates Bogart's penchant for writing instantly catchy choruses. Another highlight is "Barely 21" (featuring Rookie editor Tavi Gevinson), a great '60s-sounding love song with a nice digital gloss to it, as well as some tender guitar hooks.

Elsewhere, however, the album tends to drag on, with many songs sounding the same by the end. It's exciting to see artists try and change and evolve their sound, so while it doesn't always work here, Seth Bogart definitely shows enough promise to make one wonder what future non-Hunx recordings from Bogart will sound like. (Burger Records)