Serrated Scalpel Suspended In Misery

There was once a time when the listening public would cut a second division band some slack if they had to deal with some sort of adversity or counterforce in getting their music to the public. But in this age of technology, equality and the global village, it doesn't matter if you're an all-woman death metal band, hail from the farthest reaches of the former Soviet Union or haven't been able to find a full-time bass player. All the excuses that bands and fans used to use have been completely invalidated, as it's no longer difficult to buy/download albums, release CDs, tour and so on. It's not like Winnipeg is an isolated outpost (like Flin Flon, or something) and it's not like SS are the first extreme band to hail from its frosty streets, which makes tolerating the typicality of their early Carcass/ Suffocation death/grind even more difficult. At the same time, neither can a band use a tagline along the lines of death grind from the icy climes of Winnipeg to draw attention to themselves. So really what it boils down to is the fact that Suspended In Misery is a mediocre death/grind release. (Independent)