Senyawa and Keiji Haino

FIMAV, Victoriaville QC, May 19

Photo: Martin Morissette

BY Eric HillPublished May 20, 2019

As an undeniable force of nature, one of Keiji Haino's innate abilities is not necessarily to play with others. He thrives in situations where volume and chaos reign, which is why it was such a great surprise to hear his collaboration with Indonesian duo Senyawa.
Concentrating primarily on percussive and/or loud cross-frequency accompaniment via guitar and Theremin, Haino locked easily into the duo's vibe, which combines culturally specific sounds and rituals with a badass metal attitude. That blend was perfect for Haino, who traded vocal eruptions with singer Rully Shabara. Meanwhile instrumentalist and inventor Wukir Suryadi set up all the beautiful and terrifying sounds for the other two to knock down, artfully.
With a shared display of respect and enjoyment, apocalyptic rock has never been so sweet.

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