Secret Broadcast "One Born Every Minute" (live in-studio video)

Secret Broadcast 'One Born Every Minute' (live in-studio video)
There have been great strides in 3D printing technology in recent years, and now Toronto's Secret Broadcast have declared themselves to be the world's first band to record with 3D-printed instruments by releasing a video for the new single "One Born Every Minute."

This song appeared on the band's 2014 album Filthy Souls, but the new video features a live-in-studio version recorded with the aforementioned 3D instruments. In the video, we see the instruments getting made before the band record the song. The guitars look a little bit like toys, but they sound appropriately crunchy for this brawny alt-rock tune.

Frontman Matt Lightstone said in a statement:

About a month ago, we were having a few drinks while brainstorming some ideas for our new video when we overheard someone at the next table discussing 3D printers. Five minutes later we had our concept. We thought it would be a blast to make our own 3D printed instruments and record a song with them. It hasn't been done before, and we were all curious to find out how they would sound. Agile Manufacturing and 3D Systems were nice enough to help us print the instruments. We then went to Dream House Studios in Toronto and recorded a song live off the floor. It took our engineer a little while to dial in the right sounds, but in the end we were all really happy with how the recording turned out.

Check it out below. The video was directed by Matthew Angus and the music was recorded by Dave Plowman.