BY Scott A. GrayPublished Apr 28, 2017

Seabuckthorn is a natural fit for Lost Tribe Sound, a label known for its great taste in instrumental music that bends and shifts familiar forms of folk music into emotionally charged, cinematic soundscapes. Andy Cartwright's latest release under the moniker makes good use of the association, inviting fellow orchestrator and manipulator of acoustics, William Ryan Fritch, into his typically private world of sound creation to play sparse double bass on three of the album's ten beautifully realized compositions.
Cartwright's complex, hypnotic guitar work leads the way on Turns. His fluid fingerpicking shares memetic material with the playing of Daniel Rossen (Grizzly Bear, Department of Eagles) but, given the responsibility of carrying the entire melodic and harmonic arrangement, Cartwright's guitar is also given the freedom to be even more expressive. The terrain he navigates is varied but unified by a raw, rootsy urgency, whether it's digging into Americana twang, modulating through elements of Eastern drone or nimbly dancing along classical European phrasings.
Ceaselessly dynamic, Turns repurposes elements of neo-classical, folk and post-rock that should appeal in equal parts to lovers of dramatic, Godspeed!-like orgasmic crescendos and appreciators of alternative roots music.
(Lost Tribe Sound)

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