Scissorfight Piscataqua

Hot on the tire-tracks of their heavy as fuck New Hampshire album, Scissorfight unleash Piscataqua, an EP composed of two new originals and five covers that are just as heavy, just as ugly and maybe just a little meaner than previous fare. The opening track, "Outmotherfucker the Man," is the best song Scissorfight has ever birthed, combining their twisted rock, metal and dirge with some prophetic/disturbing lyrics, an insanely catchy chorus and a blend of musical bludgeoning that would do both Clutch and the Melvins proud. "Shewolf," the second original, is almost as good and has a slight Cult/Danzig taint to the vocals while the music pummels and plows like all good outlaws should. The covers include "Too Drunk To Fuck" (Dead Kennedys), "Fuck 'em All" (the Dwarves), "Drink, Fight and Fuck" (GG Allin), "Lick and a Promise" (Aerosmith) and "Just Head" (the Nervous Eaters), and are all recreated pretty close to the originals, save with the Scissorfight mountain eroding sound driving them. Standouts would include "Fuck 'em All," which sounds just twisted with Ironlung's retelling of Blag's sexual hedonism, the ominous sounding verses of "Lick and a Promise" and guitarist Fuck You's vocal tour-of-duty on "Just Head" and "Drink, Fight and Fuck." While Piscataqua shows a different side of Scissorfight, it is just as ugly, rude and vulgar as their previous releases, and rocks just as hard. (Tortuga)