Scissorfight New Hampshire

Boston-based label Tortuga continues to release exceptional and varied releases, refusing to be pigeonholed into having a certain sound (having released death and noise metal and now death rock). While previous releases were more on the metal side for Tortuga, Boston’s Scissorfight represents a good old-fashioned rock’n’roll bludgeoning. New Hampshire is Scissorfight’s latest and takes all that is good from bands like Clutch and the Melvins and to create one serious beast of an album. Tracks like “Granite State Destroyer,” “The Gruesome Death of Edward Teach” and “Mountain Man Boogie” take you into a world where the riff is paramount, the men are rugged and the beat firmly entrenched in the glory that is four/four. Lyrically, ranging from the bizarre to the sublime, vocalist (and bear-like creature) Iron Lung creates a unique world of mountain-men survivalists, terror in the Hollywood hills and monkeys that compete in dogfights; tongue-in-cheek, but for some odd reason never ridiculous. While sometimes straying a little too close into older Clutch territory, New Hampshire is as hairy as a motherfucker and rocks just as hard. (Tortuga)