New Comp Gets the Flatliners, Organ Thieves, By Octopi to "Save Toronto Music Venues"

All proceeds will be divided between 10 of the city's venues
New Comp Gets the Flatliners, Organ Thieves, By Octopi to 'Save Toronto Music Venues'
Music venues in Toronto have been closing at a steady rate over the past few years due to rising rent prices and a lack of direct government support, and the pandemic has only made things worse as concert venues remain shuttered, unable to even livestream. In response, a group of local musicians, promoters and venue owners formed the "Save Toronto Music Venues" coalition to raise money for concert spaces, and they have now recruited 22 of the city's bands for a new fundraiser compilation.

The aptly titled Save Toronto Music Venues Compilation — due out June 25 — will feature songs by a small army of Toronto-based bands, including the Flatliners, Organ Thieves, By Octopi, Bad Breed, This Mad Desire and Blackout Orchestra. All proceeds from the compilation will be divided between 10 Toronto venues: Hard Luck Bar, Sneaky Dee's, Bovine Sex Club, the Opera House, Cherry Cola's, the Rex, Lula Lounge, Castro's Lounge, the Piston and Nightowl. 

Most of the songs have already been released, but the CD will also feature "I Split the Devil's Tongue in Two," a brand new track by Organ Thieves, the rock project formed by Sum 41's Dave "Brownsound" Baksh and the Creepshow's Chuck Coles.

The organizers are also planning a series of live events following the compilation's release, including a livestream and pop-ups around the city. Due to the ever-changing lockdown restrictions, details are still scarce, but will be available via the "Save Toronto Music Venues" website.

Pre-orders for the CD just opened here. The organization's web shop also features a T-shirt and posters featuring several of the partnering venues, with all profits going to the 10 venues.

Check out the full tracklist below.

Save Toronto Music Venues Compilation:

1. One in the Chamber – "Blow"
2. This Mad Desire – "Stand Up and Dream Again"
3. The Mendozaz – "Murder"
4. Wasting Time – "Four Season"
5. Sunlust – "Action Figure"
6. Starship Experience – "Party in the D.P.R.K."
7. NERiMA – "Home"
8. Bad Breed – "Not in My Life"
9. Sweetwood Amber Remedy – "Sky on Fire"
10. The Soviet Influence – "Astronomical Wonders"
11. Blackout Orchestra – "Siren Song"
12. Neon Bloom – "Our Faces"
13. Gaijin Smash – "Oh No"
14. Beast Music – "Cake"
15. By Octopi – "Orange"
16. Lucid Smog Disorder – "The Walls Talk to Me"
17. The Slime – "Flesh and Blood"
18. Pink Leather Jackets – "Call You When I'm Drunk"
19. Melack ft. Emily Story – "Jinxbird"
20. Outsider – "Your Cure"
21. Organ Thieves – "I Split the Devil's Tongue in Two"
22. The Flatliners – "Hang My Head"

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