In the Comfort Of

BY A. HarmonyPublished Mar 16, 2018

There's something missing. Sango's second full-length is pleasant but doesn't resonate — and it's hard to pinpoint what it lacks. It could be structure: the songs on In the Comfort Of change directions so often that they leave little to hold on to. It could be cohesion: the album doesn't give much of a story to follow and the mood is quite scattered. Or the missing element could be ingenuity: the song titles, lyrics and even the accompanying visuals attempt to be deep, but reveal themselves to be rather empty. The album is good, for sure — there's just something preventing it from being great.
Still, there are moments on In the Comfort Of for Sango fans to enjoy. Smino brightens up the album with high-octane flows and witty bars on "Khlorine." "Rude" is a summery standout on which Jean Deaux's airy vocals shine, and "When I'm Around You" connotes torturous, toxic relationship well. Ryan Ashley's angelic harmonies allow "Comfortable" to dissolve into a beautiful finish.
It's an enjoyable album that's easy to forget. Sango has done better, but still, there are worse ways to spend your time.
(Last Gang)

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