Sam Roberts The Inhuman Condition

Sam Roberts' solo EP, following the dissolution of his previous band Northstar, offers a striking assortment of material for only a six-song release. "Don't Walk Away Eileen" is lively, mid-tempo rock'n'roll with resounding vocal melodies and "Brother Down" features an unhurried rhythmic groove, along with first-rate percussion, handclaps and multi-tracked vocals. "Where Have All the Good People Gone?" is anchored by a rich bass line and includes numerous excellent transitions. Within the first few songs, it becomes apparent that Roberts' songwriting is notable for incorporating distinct and inventive elements into familiar musical structures. "When Everything Was Alright," featuring an inspired guitar riff and outstanding chorus, replicates some of the finer points of '60s rock'n'roll, while "My Love is Freeing" offers restrained pop and a composed progression. "This is How I Live" is an upbeat, acoustic guitar-driven song that ends the album and leaves the listener wishing that The Inhuman Condition was more than just an EP. Throughout the course of The Inhuman Condition, solid songs and excellent instrumentation complement Roberts' capable voice and superb melodies. (Secret Weapon)