RZA The World According to RZA: Live from Germany

This DVD chronicles the making of RZA’s concept album The World According to RZA, released in 2004, in which he collaborated with European artists to represent global hip-hop. RZA is captured on this disc as an artist dedicated to expanding hip-hop music beyond as many boarders as possible, and seems genuinely thrilled by international hip-hop. Each segment is crisply filmed, focusing on different parts of RZA’s international experience. The concert footage in Germany is over an hour long and features RZA rocking Wu-Tang classics and solo material with a live band. There is also a video diary complied of studio sessions from Italy to France to England. RZA’s beats from the album are more from his Bobby Digital sound than his Supreme Clientele era, and his foreign studio-mates are more like gifted pupils than peers, but the entire feat deserves commendation and this DVD is the visual tour. (NuTech Digital, www.nutechdigital.tv)