Rush R30

Love Rush or hate them (and there's really no in between with Canada's pre-eminent power trio), there's no denying that they know how to put on a show and make their fans happy. Filmed during a stop in Germany on last year's 30th anniversary tour, this set captures the band at their fun-loving best, playing a raft of material they have carefully chosen to highlight all parts of their diverse career. The opening medley, a rush trademark, features bits of songs from their first six albums in order before the first full song, "Spirit of Radio," kicks in. From there it's a high-energy trip down memory lane, with the 30-year-old material sounding as heavy and rocking as the more recent stuff. But more than the show, this two-disc set also features some videos from the vault (and they are old) and interviews from various points in time, all with the band's self-deprecating humour shining through. Try to find the deluxe edition that also includes a two-CD audio soundtrack and guitar pics and a backstage pass for fun. (Anthem)