Roland White

I Wasn't Born To Rock 'N Roll

BY Jason SchneiderPublished May 31, 2010

Although not as well known as his late guitar playing brother, and one-time Byrd, Clarence, Roland White's pedigree in bluegrass circles remains second to none. I Wasn't Born To Rock 'N Roll was released in 1976 on a tiny label and this remastered edition marks its first appearance on CD. The wait has been worth it, as White's performances, backed by Country Gazette ― the group he played mandolin for at the time ― still sound fresh and exciting today. The mix of standards (the Carter Family's "The Storms Are On The Ocean," Vernon Dalhart's "The Prisoner's Song") and new compositions displays how White and company were breaking new ground by the mid-'70s. But the real gem for White aficionados is "Powder Creek," a rare songwriting collaboration between Roland and Clarence dating back to 1963 when they were playing in their family band, later known as the Kentucky Colonels. Today, at age 72, White remains active as a mandolin teacher, but I Wasn't Born To Rock 'N Roll is its own clinic in the art of bluegrass, and a must-have for any fan of the genre.
(Tompkins Square)

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