Rock Most

Rise & Shine

BY Thomas QuinlanPublished Nov 17, 2016

"I'd like to present to you just a collection of my thoughts," says Ohio-born but Atlanta, GA-based MC Rock Most to open debut album Rise & Shine. Not surprisingly, it's a successful blueprint. The tight raps are anchored by an abundance of swagger and witty braggadocio, but Most also demonstrates an affinity for conscious lyrics that's a throwback to groups like A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul. The comparison is apt considering the varied beats that put a heavy emphasis on mellow, mid-tempo jazz and smooth, soulful boom-bap, both with plenty of singing on the hooks. Standouts on this solid hip-hop album include "Pass 'Em By," a soulful piano tune about jealousy, punctuated by short electric guitar riffs, "Hating You," a soulful hate song about a failed relationship, pro-exotic dancer number "Guilty Pleasure," which takes an interesting stance for a conscious rapper, and braggadocio tracks "Who's Coming With Me," "Prosper" and "Going Up." Although on the latter he does rap, "This song isn't about bragging/It's about when I do this/what actually happens." If Rise & Shine is any indication, he's telling the truth.
(Dirty Bomb)

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