Robert Pollard Announces 'Faulty Superheroes' LP, Premieres New Track

Robert Pollard Announces 'Faulty Superheroes' LP, Premieres New Track
Never one to waste time, prolific Ohio popsmith Robert Pollard has announced he will be delivering yet another solo album this spring. The Guided By Voices hero will be fixing us up with his latest batch of tracks, all of which arrive under the album title Faulty Superheroes, on April 28 through Guided By Voices, Inc./ Fire Records.

The details come just a couple weeks after Pollard put out his Ricked Wicky: I Sell the Circus project, with the upcoming album described in a press release as a 12-track collection of "tossed-off, effortless magnificence."

This time around, Pollard brings guests like Guided By Voices drummer Kevin March and producer Todd Tobias into the mix. Reportedly, the set strives to take Pollard away from the lo-fi feel of old Guided By Voices classics, with "Up and Up and Up" acting as the first salvo to be promoted from the set.

You'll find a stream of the single below, where you'll also find a tracklisting, courtesy of Consequence of Sound. Take note that it name checks at least one "faulty superhero," the negative image, zombified anti-Superman, Bizarro.

Faulty Superheroes:

1. What A Man

2. Cause Of Elimination

3. Faulty Superheroes

4. Faster The Great

5. The Real Wilderness

6. Photo Enforced Human Highway

7. Take Me To Yolita

8. Up And Up And Up

9. You Only Need One

10. Bizarro's Last Quest

11. Mozart's Theme

12. Perikeet Visa