Robbie Williams Calls New Music "Boring," Praises the 1975's Matty Healy

"He’s unhinged, super smart, super talented and willing to upset. Upsetting for a cause."

Photo: Markus Maier (left)

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Apr 4, 2024

While some aging English male musicians love a mard, Robbie Williams has recently gone against that grain. Unlike great comedic writer Noel Gallagher, the singer is quite fond of the 1975, insinuating Matty Healy is one of the few saving the "boring music scene" nowadays.

Taking to his Instagram account for a Morrissey-esque rant, Williams went on a long-winded rant on the stale scene — of course tying it into his generation's favourite scapegoat: cancel culture.

"I'm not attacking the music itself. I'm just lamenting the death of friction, danger, personality," he wrote. "I'll admit I've vanilled myself into a corner trying to chase what's gone. I get it everyone's scared. No one knows what you'll say that will get you cancelled. No one knows what you've already said or written that will end you. So many people to offend."

To Williams, there's one edgelord that bucks those trends: "Matt Healy is the only commercially viable Pop/Rock star that I can see who is willing to be something other than beige," he continued. "I really like Matt [sic] he's unhinged, super smart, super talented and willing to upset. Upsetting for a cause. The cause being a complicated inner life a rebellious streak and boredom."

For those still unfamiliar with Healy's antics, he constantly pops off when he considers himself snubbed, and feels the only way to embody the "21st-century rockstar" is to do things like question people's ethnicities and draw suspicious-looking tattoos for fans. All quite revolutionary, really.

Williams concluded his post with the results of an ongoing "battle of the boy/girl bands" he's been conducting. Nice segue! Check out the roundabout post below. 

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