Matty Healy Draws Questionable Tattoo for Fan at 1975 Show

Wow! So edgy!

Photo: Jordan Curtis Hughes

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jul 20, 2023

Known edgelord Matty Healy is back at it again. It turns out when the 1975's frontman isn't too busy debating people's ethnicities, he uses his on-stage time to joke about his fans getting swastika tattoos — or at least that's what it looks like from concert footage that's made its way online.

In footage from their performance in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, on Wednesday (July 19), which you can watch below, Healy pauses the band's show after a fan hands him a piece of paper that reads, "Matty, can you draw me a tattoo?" He takes his Sharpie and says, "We need something that sums up this current year," and proceeds to draw something, as some Reddit users have pointed out, that very much looks like half of a swastika. The crowd seems to understand his intentions as they erupt with laughter.

Healy then changes course and uses his pen strokes to draw a shitty-looking house, writing, "At their very best..." underneath it. Nice save? At least he didn't get it tattooed on himself on stage this time. 

Suddenly, we're on Noel Gallagher's side of the mard (and Rina Sawayama's too, for that matter). 
matty drawing a tattoo for a fan at Singapore second night show
by u/poison-me-dad in the1975

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