Rihanna to Play Smurfette, Provide Original Music for 'The Smurfs Movie'

Only Girl (in the Smurf World)

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Apr 27, 2023

Rihanna's ninth album remains but a distant pipe dream at this point, as the singer-songwriter and mogul continues to find other avenues that need her. The icon has confirmed that the latest call will see her star as Smurfette in — and provide original music for — Paramount and Nickelodeon's live-action hybrid feature, The Smurfs Movie.

Being very pregnant did not stop RiRi from showing up at Paramount Pictures CinemaCon in Las Vegas today to reveal the news that she would be taking on the role of "a little blue badass."

"I tried to get the Papa Smurf role but It didn't work out," she joked, appearing onstage at Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino alongside Paramount Animation head Ramsey Naito, adding that she hopes it earns her some "cool points" with her 10-month-old son and the baby on the way. What's more, Rihanna will produce the project, which Naito says explores the central question, "What is a Smurf?"

Directed by Chris Miller, The Smurfs Movie is slated to arrive in theatres on February 14, 2025. The script was written by Pam Brady based on the beloved comic books by Belgian artist Peyo.

The last time the Smurfs were on the big screen was in 2013 for Sony's Raja Gosnell-directed The Smurfs 2. Smurfette was played by Katy Perry.

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