Riff Randells Riff Randells

This six-song EP really moves right from the start, which is appropriate since the lead track, "C'mon," is about living in the here and now. It grabbed me from the first time I heard it. The lyrics in the second song, "Lethal Lipgloss," sum up the attitude that underlies most of this three-chord three-girl band's songs. It's about a new girl in town that all the boys are hot for: "She's got a hot date and she's already late cuz she's pulling up her stockings too slow - and she don't care if he gives a care at all." The other four songs from guitarist/vocalist Kathy, drummer Anne-Marie, and bassist Justin (okay, the latest in a long line of bassists is really a boy, but he has really long vintage-Gruesomes hair) are more on boys, chillaxing, and other teenage thrills. The six songs really fly by, and there are enough fun, good lyrics, and (appropriately enough) good Riffs on this EP to leave you wanting more. (Delmonico)