Riff Randells Doublecross

A little bit snotty but still extremely sugar-coated, Vancouver’s the Riff Randells have perfected the female-fronted power pop sound with 11 lively songs about boys, partying, cars and, um, boys. With the risk of exhausting the comparison, the Riff Randells put a spin on Go-Go’s style rock’n’roll mixed with fast-paced lo-fi punk rock care of the Ramones. Highlights of Doublecross, the band’s first full-length album after a handful of equally infectious EPs, include attitude-filled tough chick anthem "Traitor of the Heart” and sing-along-worthy party jam "All I Know.” While the lyrics aren’t exactly deep, the Riff Randells make up for it with an abundance of contagious choruses and playful guitar solos. With only one song surpassing the two-and-a-half-minute mark, the Riff Randells’ songs are still more sweet than short and definitely worth the listen. (Dirtnap)