Rick Ross "Heavyweight" (ft. Whole Slab) (video)

Rick Ross 'Heavyweight' (ft. Whole Slab) (video)
Rick Ross got out of jail last month after paying his $2 million bail, but that's chump change for a Hood Billionaire. Now that's he's no longer behind bars, the hip-hop star has rolled out another video from his latest album with "Heavyweight."

The clip for this hedonistic, Whole Slab-featuring hip-hop anthem is filled with reminders of Ross' wealth. We see him cruising around town in fancy cars, waving bottles of champagne, and showing off his flashy bling. But as glamorous as this all looks, one at-home scene shows that he's wearing an ankle monitor, presumably due to his kidnapping, aggravated assault and aggravated battery charges.

Watch the clip below.