Retox "Mature Science" (video)

Retox 'Mature Science' (video)
San Diego punks Retox are gearing up for the release of their Epitaph Records debut YPLL and have delivered another teaser in the form of the guts-grabbing video for "Mature Science."

Scored by the squealing sci-fi guitar of Michael Crain, the intro to the clip features the band members lugging a knocked-out copper into an elevator and to an undisclosed room to literally pick apart. After slicing the authority figure up, singer Justin Pearson makes a shocking discovery by yanking out his enemy's true identity for all to see.

You can see check out the clip and its complementary chaotic soundtrack down below.

"Retox does not in any way condone or advocate the harming of police officers," Crain clears up in a statement. "We do, however, feel that our society as a whole would be far safer and not as unjustly regulated if local, state, and federal law enforcement were required to memorize the lyrics to Black Flag's 'Police Story' and N.W.A's 'Fuck tha Police!'"

As previously reported, Retox are set to hit Toronto and Montreal on their May tour.