Refused Blast Out a Call to Arms in New "Rev 001" Video

The song marks the second single from their 'War Music' album

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Sep 13, 2019

Swedish post-hardcore heroes Refused are back with the new single "Rev 001" from their upcoming album War Music. This time, though, the song has arrived complete with a very theatrical and very Refused-appropriate video.

Shining the spotlight on the magnetic presence of frontman Dennis Lyxzén, the clip plays out like some twisted old-timey cabaret act, as "Lyxzén dances his way towards revolution, battling neo-facists in a bright cabaret of clarity and full of panache," as the press release puts it.

The clip was directed by Refused's own Kristofer Steen and features Swedish singer-songwriter Mariam the Believer on guest vocals. "Rev 001" marks the second single from War Music following the previously shared "Blood Red."

Watch the video for "Rev 001" below, where you'll also find a lengthy statement from Refused about the track.

"45 revolutions playing on the stereo. Not one revolution on the street" - Blitz

In 1914 when the blinkered Kaiser kicked off that shitshow WWI the subjects of the Austro Hungarian empire had no idea that the empire had effectively put a gun to its own head. The whole thing was gone in a couple of years. These things happen. 'Empires rise and empires fall.' Lots of blinkered Kaisers out there right now, eating their own, their right hands stealing from their left hands, the majority slaving away to make ends meet, infected with the venom of lack, the venom of need, excluded from social insurance, pitted against each other by ignorant ruthless infanticidal curb crawler tyrants, while an apathetic minority bathes in the eternal sunshine of a tilting climate, a doomsday clock wound up by the predatory capitalist insanity of this the most dysfunctional mammal, man.

REV001 is a protest song. A punk rock song. We like to think of it as incredibly violent pop music. Whatever you call it, we're hoping it'll get your blood boiling and that it'll make you wanna dance (like it does our fearless captain @dennislyxzen in the video), 'cause what else can one do in these desperate times? Well, we at the bottom could arm ourselves and go for those at the top, while smashing a few banks on the way? We'll get there. Like we said, these things happen all the time. For now, we'll leave you with these words, from author Ursula K Leguin:

'We live in capitalism, its power seems inescapable–but then, so did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings.'

REV001 is blessed with the limitless talent of the inimitable Mariam The Believer @mariam_repeatuntildeath and the video was directed by our very own Kristofer Steen (Shot by Adam Nilsson and cut by Johan Söderberg).

As previously reported, War Music will arrive on October 18 via Spinefarm Records/Search & Destroy.

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