Refused "Dawkins Christ" (video)

Refused 'Dawkins Christ' (video)
After first sharing the sonically devastating sounds of their "Dawkins Christ," Swedish hardcore group Refused have now unveiled some cult-inspired sights in a new video for the Freedom single.

The video blends together vintage visuals from various movies and nature films, including a cliff-jumping sacrifice, cult rituals, the sight of a lady with a spider in her mouth, a quick pan across a Hieronymus Bosch painting and the undulating ripple of volcanic magma.

This is scored, of course, with Refused's metal-spiked shards of hardcore and belief system-questioning screams.

Drummer David Sandström released the following statement about the piece: "The title refers to the famous biologist whose atheist theology has inspired a semi-cult who in turn sees him as a messianic figure, an irony that partly inspired the lyrics. The music draws from the film scores of Hans Zimmer and Ennio Morricone as well as pre-Reign in blood Slayer."

As previously reported, Freedom is Refused's first album since 1998's landmark The Shape of Punk to Come. It hits stores June 30 through Epitaph.