Reformed Shudder to Think Document Reunion with Live Album

Reformed Shudder to Think Document Reunion with Live Album
Washington, DC art punk/emo/rock purveyors Shudder to Think have announced plans to release their first ever live album on Conor Oberst's Team Love imprint. The album, Live From Home, was recorded in the band's hometown last year and will be released on September 15.

Shudder to Think reunited last fall, a decade after breaking up, and did a limited number of shows with the line-up of vocalist Craig Wedren, guitarist Nathan Larson, drummer Kevin March, guitarist Jesse Krakow and bassist Mark Watrous, all of whom are obviously featured on the live record.

"We think Live From Home does a slam-bang job of representing, and in some cases toppling altogether, a lot of the original recordings," Wedren said in a press release. "'About Three Dreams' is a particular favourite, and I think we may finally have gotten a solid version of 'Day Ditty' down for the lovers. We feel that these songs transcend time and trends, and we hope that they'll feel as fresh to you as they did to us when we played them again last year, for the first time in over a decade."

Shudder To Think released three albums on the seminal Dischord Records in the early '90s before signing to Epic in 1994 to release perhaps their strongest and most influential release Pony Express. The live album features several songs from each of their first four albums.

And still no word on those Jawbox or Gray Matter reunions, but hey, we've got our fingers crossed.

Live From Home:

1. "Red House"
2. "Shake Your Halo Down"
3. "Hit Liquor"
4. "Love Catastrophe"
5. "Lies About the Sky"
6. "Jade Dust Eyes"
7. "Gang of $"
8. "She Wears He-Harem"
9. "Rag"
10. "Pebbles"
11. "9 Fingers on You"
12. "No. Rm 9 Kentucky"
13. "Call of the Playground"
14. "Chocolate"
15. "X-French Tee Shirt"
16. "About Three Dreams"
17. "Day Ditty"