Red Mass 'Rouge No. 2' (EP stream)

Red Mass 'Rouge No. 2' (EP stream)
More than five years ago, Montreal-based band Red Mass dropped their debut album Rouge, and they're finally ready to deliver the chronologically titled follow-up Rouge No. 2. Before it lands, though, Exclaim! is giving you an exclusive advanced listen to the EP in its entirety.
The new set of songs hears the group incorporating an array of punk and metal influences, while "also embracing goth and electro sensibilities" — all in French. Beyond the realm of sound, the Francophone record also draws inspiration from satanic horror film Possession by recently deceased Polish filmmaker Andrzej Zulawski.
Perhaps expectedly then, Rouge No. 2 is awash in a layer of darkness, both sonically and thematically.
"The punk and metal from Quebec never fully satisfied my craving while growing up; therefore, I needed to hear something darker, something that had more extreme forms of expression," frontman Roy Vucino explained in a statement. "The bands that fell under the category of 'heavy' never fully allowed themselves to go in the complete abyss and instead were keeping their little humor, sarcasm, and softness hidden in their writing."
Dive into Red Mass's deep world of darkness by giving the new Rouge No. 2 an early listen in the player below before it officially arrives on April 2 through Slovenly Records/Mondo Mondo. Following that, the band will join the Black Lips live in Toronto for a Canadian Music Week show at the Phoenix Concert Theatre on May 6.