Silver Dollar Room Gets METZ, Suuns, Dilly Dally for Final Shows

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Mar 9, 2017

Toronto's storied Silver Dollar Room announced plans to close its doors earlier this year, but not before venue booker/promoter Dan Burke lined up a series of farewell shows to say goodbye to the venue as we know it. Now, the details for the Dollar's final weekend have been revealed.

A six-show series will round off the month April, featuring performances from Silver Dollar alumni METZ, Blood Ceremony, Dilly Dally, Suuns, the Coathangers, Fake Palms, New Fries, Biblical, Darlene Shrugg, Frigs, DOOMSQUAD, Peeling, Red Mass and more. The Silver Dollar's bluegrass roots will also be celebrated with Crazy Strings: The Last High Lonesome Bluegrass Hoedown.

The shows will take place from April 25 through 30, with each individual lineup listed below. As previously reported, Burke told Exclaim! that the end date for the current incarnation of the Silver Dollar would be May 1, as "the property owner has been planning a redevelopment for quite some time."

Toronto-based rental and development company the Wynn Group has planned to redevelop the Silver Dollar Room's site for a 20-storey tower with rental units targeted at students. It is possible that a live music venue could be included in redevelopment plans.

Burke told Exclaim!: "Will the new building design be suitable for a live venue? How long will construction take — 18 months? 24 months? — and will there be a market for a live venue of whatever size it might be when it returns? And, if so, will the rent be affordable for live music club? Nobody knows all the answers right now.

"All we can do is hope for the best. But in the next few months, give a proper farewell to the club as we know it."

Tour dates:

04/25 Toronto, ON - The Coathangers, more TBA
04/26 Toronto, ON - Crazy Strings: The Last High Lonesome Bluegrass Hoedown
04/27 Toronto, ON - Suuns, DOOMSQUAD, Peeling
04/28 Toronto, ON - Dilly Dally, Darlene Shrugg, Frigs
04/29 Toronto, ON - Blood Ceremony, Biblical, Red Mass
04/30 Toronto, ON - METZ, Fake Palms, New Fries

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