Rebecca Campbell The Sweetest Noise

It would be a shame for The Sweetest Noise to fall into the wrong hands. With a sound that toes the line between smooth jazz and luminous orchestral pop, there's a real danger of kids moving past Campbell and Haynes' latest joint effort for fear of listening to music their parents might be into. Speaking from the younger side of things though, it's hard not to take notice of the multifaceted compositions and general tunefulness of the ten songs found here. Though the frame of reference may be different than that of her apparent core audience, Campbell's voice effortlessly encapsulates the breathy range of Björk and the crushing sincerity of Julie Doiron, adding just a pinch of Sarah Harmer to help her melodies stick in your head. Now and then the disk comes a little too close to barroom adult contemporary than a young music fan might be into, but the duo maintain their credibility by getting adventurous with instrumentation, even finding dissonance on a couple occasions. The Sweetest Noise might scare you into thinking you're growing up too fast, but you're bound to get older and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better soundtrack to age to. (Independent)