Rapport Announce 'Floating Through the Wonderwave' EP, Share Meta New Single

Hear "Going Nowhere" now

Photo: Colin Medley

BY Kayla HigginsPublished May 17, 2022

Toronto's Rapport have announced the release of their new EP Floating Through the Wonderwave — and have today lifted a new single and its accompanying video off the forthcoming record.

To be released via Arbutus Records on July 8, it's the follow-up to the 2019 effort In the Dark, which was named one of Exclaim!'s 11 Best EPs of 2019.

A press release described Floating Through the Wonderwave as a "darker, more melancholic" journey, exploring "themes of jealousy, neuroses and self-doubt" through "the balance between artist creation and self-promotion."

The synth-pop band — spearheaded by city native Maddy Wilde— have released lead cut "Going Nowhere" as an '80s-inspired ode to the nuances of imbalanced relationships. The single uses the twang of soft synth sounds and a punchy, upbeat bass style to capture Wilde's truly sincere sense of imposter syndrome.

"The more you analyze the imbalance and measure the comparisons, the more resentful you become. This is the story of one such relationship," said Wilde of the single in a statement. "Sometimes you gotta chill out, give in and follow the leader just to see what happens next — just tagging along in hopes of inheriting some of their clout and momentum along the way."

The self-directed video features the lead singer literally going nowhere, seeing each version of herself serving a different purpose. "I decided to show different versions of driving Maddy: regular Maddy, snobby Maddy, reckless Maddy, musician Maddy and touring Maddy; perhaps to emulate the various states of being I've explored in my head while on the road," Wilde explained, adding: "It's a slight nod to Alanis Morissette's 'Ironic' video, but with more cars and less knitted sweaters."

Watch the video for "Going Nowhere" below, where you'll also find the album tracklist.

Floating Through the Wonderwave:

1. Video Star
2. Can't Get It to Last
3. Going Nowhere
4. Eggshells
5. Trial Run
6. My Bed
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