Randy The Human Atom Bombs

It was inevitable that the best political pop punk band in Europe (perhaps the world?) would get signed to the biggest punk label around. The result? An excellent collection of catchy anthems with a message worth hearing. Musically, they've branched out compared to their G7 release in 1999. One of the coolest things about this is the '50s rock'n'roll influence. Instead of a bunch of former straightedge 20-somethings who slick their hair back in pompadours and sport Buddy Holly glasses, these guys actually know their music history. With songs inspired by Little Richard, Amos Milburn and Eddie Cochran, they win points for knowing their roots. Let's hope that all is right in the world and this record becomes the one that breaks them out. If Randy were the Clash, this would be their London Calling. (Burning Heart)