Raekwon Announces 'The Purple Tape Files' Documentary

Raekwon Announces 'The Purple Tape Files' Documentary
Though he's had a full, excellent career, Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx still stands as his most acclaimed work. The album turns 20 this year, and its anniversary will be joined by the release of a new documentary.

Over the weekend, Rae and his Wu-Tang partner Ghostface Killah appeared at the Sundance Film Festival to host what they described as a "#PurpleCarpet screening."

Prior to the event, it was unclear what they meant. Taking place last night, it served as the premiere for the trailer of a Cuban Linx documentary called The Purple Tape Files.

Raekwon confirmed the news with a tweet last night:
Stay tuned for more information on The Purple Tape Files as it becomes available.