Radiohead's Ed O'Brien Is Recording His Debut Solo Album

Radiohead's Ed O'Brien Is Recording His Debut Solo Album
Despite finding success with "the poor man's Coldplay" for the past few decades, Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien has revealed plans to go solo for an upcoming project.
Speaking to Esquire, O'Brien said that he's working on his debut solo album and hopes to have it finished by next summer. He's eyeing a late 2018 or early 2019 release.
So far, he's been recording with Omar Hakim, Dave Okumu and Nathan East as a backing band, with Flood and Catherine Marks handling production duties.
"We've tracked some stuff and we have some backing tracks and I'm going back into the studio with Flood and Catherine to finish those tracks up and will start some new stuff in the new year," he told Esquire.
As for the inspiration behind the new songs, O'Brien said it was heavily influenced by time he spend in South America.
"It started when we were living in Brazil," he said. "It's not overtly Brazilian but there are definite themes. Without getting into it too much, going to Carnival in Rio was very inspiring. Rhythm and groove were a big part of it. I'm really enjoying it. It feels really right at the moment."
O'Brien went on to admit that his own signature Fender EOB Sustainer Stratocaster has already played a big role in the recording process, with Okumu using the one O'Brien gifted him throughout the entire session. He also said that he's anticipating it to become his own "main axe" over the next few weeks of guitar work.
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Of course, he's hardly the only Radiohead member with solo projects in the works. Thom Yorke recently scored a Suspiria remake, Jonny Greenwood scored Paul Thomas Anderson's Phantom Thread and an upcoming Joaquin Phoenix film, and Philip Selway did a soundtrack for the Polly Steele-directed Let Me Go.