Radiohead Set North American Release Date for "The Butcher"/"Supercollider" Twelve-Inch

Radiohead Set North American Release Date for 'The Butcher'/'Supercollider' Twelve-Inch
As excited as we were to learn that Radiohead would be releasing a twelve-inch with two new tracks for Record Store Day (April 16), we couldn't help but be a little bummed out to learn that the record would only be coming out in the UK. Well, we've got good news for music fans on this side of the Atlantic: the single will be getting a North American release.

In a new post on their Dead Air Space website, the band revealed, "This vinyl will also be available in the USA & Canada on the 14th of June." So even if it won't be out in time for Record Store Day, the record will be resting on your shelf soon enough.

Radiohead also opened up about an unfortunate misprint on some of the copies that will be coming out in the UK tomorrow (April 16). It turns out that someone at the plant stuck on the labels the wrong way around, meaning that the side with "The Butcher" is labelled as "Supercollider" and vice versa.

The group offered this explanation:

Unfortunately, due to err…unforeseen circumstances that we didn't foresee, some of the vinyl have the labels on the wrong way around. It is too late to recall the vinyl and stick them on the right way round, so here is a copy of the labels for those of you who wish to download, print, cut out and stick on yourself with pritt stick (other glues are available) thus correcting the error. Or we could just rename the songs.

Luckily for North American fans, the copies released in June probably won't have the same error. Take a listen to the two songs below (albeit in decidedly sub-vinyl quality).

UPDATE: Over here in our Click Hear department you can now listen to good-quality versions of the songs. Better yet, if you bought The King of Limbs from Radiohead's website, you can grab a download of the twelve-iinch tracks here by entering your tracking code.