R. Kelly feat. T.I. and T-Pain "I'm A Flirt"

R. Kelly feat. T.I. and T-Pain 'I'm A Flirt'
The "King of R&B,” as he so subtly calls himself, returned after the mass hysteria of Trapped in the Closet with yet another enormous hit teeming with his unrivalled slickness. This man is untouchable, and it’s hard not to argue that he could double up with anybody’s ladies, considering he makes rhyming "chick” with "chick” sound fresh. The pump’n’clap beat, T.I.’s suave-as-shit flow and T-Pain’s unforgettable vocoder delivery of the line: "That’s why they call me Teddy Pend-her-ass-down!” As much as I get a rush out of Kells yelling, "It’s the remix!” I find myself questioning where the original is? Instead, I think Saul Mojica’s (who?) rushed rendition is much more suitable for the title, using the simple trick of speeding up the tempo and little else. It’s so understated and effortless, yet completely transforms the song into a club floor burner. And let us not forget the Hood Internet’s indie rockin’ mash-up with collective jammers Broken Social Scene and their nicely aligned "7/4 (Shoreline).” Is there any way to stop old Bob? Well, the Chicago court system might have something to say about it.

R. Kelly "I'm A Flirt (Saul Mojica Remix)"