Quintron Unmasked Organ Light - Year Of Infinity Man

That insane master of the modified Hammond organ, Quintron is back yet again with another collection of danceable mayhem, done in his own inimitable style. The record starts off with a twisted promo for Rhinestone Records, "the home of MC Tracheotomy and Zodiac Man," which builds up to Quintron's and Miss Pussy Cat's own intro and the first song, "Mysterious Rangers," which is a classic "rocker" in the Quintron tradition. The Drum Buddy is featured heavily again, as are the often off-key but nevertheless charming back-up vocals of Miss Pussy Cat. Some new styles are also busted out on Unmasked Organ Light Year of Infinity Man, as can be heard with the falsetto heavy, beat-box fury of "9-4-9" and "GQ 21," possibly the funkiest Quintron tracks to date, which showcase some Drum Buddy noises that sounds like DJ scratching. Quintron also does some classic covers on this record, like the maudlin old chestnut "You Don't Own Me," giving things a lounge-y feel until the next crazy original comes up. If you still haven't heard any Quintron, which is actually quite likely, don't wait any longer to be part of the illuminated elite that have got in on the ground level of fan-ship of this magical New Orleans maestro. (Bulb)