Quintron Returns with Sucre du Sauvage

Quintron Returns with <i>Sucre du Sauvage</i>
One-of-a-kind organ expert and all-around weirdo Quintron has had an impressively prolific career with countless releases that date back to 1994. Most recently, he dropped his Too Thirsty 4 Love LP in 2008, but he will soon follow that up with the new record Sucre du Sauvage.

The album was conceived and recorded over the course of an in-house performance art piece at the New Orleans Museum of Art. From January 29 to May 2, 2010, Quintron roped himself off in the public gallery to write and record the album alongside a retrospective of the Drum Buddy drum machine and a large display of his wife Miss Pussycat's puppets.

 As a press release explains, "Quintron's intent behind the museum recording studio was not to entertain visiting museum-goers with any kind of performance, but to completely ignore them and go about the business of making this record. When needed, viewers would be pulled into the process and used for backing vocals, hand claps, grunting, etc."

 For the last week of the album's recording, Quintron took the concept a step further, quarantining himself in the museum and surrounding New Orleans City Park. By night, he would make field recordings in the park and weave them into his mixes the next day. The project concluded with a blindfolded listening party, as displayed on the above album cover.

 Quintron's Sucre du Sauvage will be available from Goner Records on April 12.

Sucre du Sauvage:

 1. "Ring The Alarm"

2. "Face Down in the Gutter"

3. "New Years Night (Boogie Children)"

4. "Kicked Out of Zolar X"

5. "Banana Beat"

6. "Sucre Du Sauvage"

7. "All Night Right of Way"

8. "Spirit Hair"

9. "Elevator"

10. "Deer in the Clouds"

11. "Bells"

12. "Train Ride"

13. "Jazz Bar"

14. "Morning"