Quintron Are You Ready For An Organ Solo?

Record number seven from New Orleans organ maestro Quintron finds him in fine form, with his best production to date and a new found party-hardy attitude. The Drum Buddy, Miss Pussycat and MC Trachiotomy are all present and accounted for, further expanding the parameters of Quintron's unclassifiable analog synthesiser rock and roll. "Place Unknown" kicks off the festivities with lyrics about partying till you puke, dancing until you break the floor, see-through dresses and pink underwear featuring the inimitable vocal stylings of Miss Pussycat, which can take some getting used to for the uninitiated. The biggest surprise here is "Mud Bugs,” a hard rock-inspired number that has a driving Deep Purple sound that really works well, and is apparently an homage to an old Diamond Rex track. More percussion and a booming recording job from garage rock guru Tim Kerr also take this Quintron outing to new heights. "I'm Not Busy" breaks into rap territory with the assistance of the mad skills of MC Trachiotomy. Of extra special interest for the ladies is a home-porn style photo of Quintron in his underwear kneeling on a hotel bed with his eyes blacked out. While this just might be the most sophisticated and palatable Quintron record yet, it still manages to preserve the charisma of this fun and super-innovative performer. (Three One G)