Quintron These Hands Of Mine

He’s known as the inventor of the Drum Buddy, a resident of the Spellcaster lodge, and the only known player of werewolf music. His name, of course, is Mr. Quintron. Now, with his magical fourth album, there is little to stand in the way of this Ninth Ward organ-wielding warlock and his impending super stardom. Quintron hasn’t messed with his modified Hammond and drum machine hurdy-gurdy carnival act too much on this album, but has added to his mind-controlling sounds a few small extras. There is the excellent sounding new Drum Buddy (Prototype 2) generating some vaguely “jungle” sounding beats, more back-up vocals by his partner Miss Pussycat, and some guest saxophone action. Other than stating that this is a great, wild and surreal meltdown, there isn’t too much else to say about this album except to listen closely for the special promo for Quintron’s next album, which appears on the track “Drum Buddy,” apparently solely dedicated to songs about this home made drum device. Simply put, this is entertainment in it’s finest form: cheap, cool and a bit scary. (Skin Graft)