Putresence Sledgehammer Holocaust

Winnipeg, MB’s purveyors of prairie gore are back with a full-length that’s going to prove once and for all these guys mean business. Sure, the lyrical fare may exude a good-natured sense of humour but the tunes rage: check out opener "Machete through Head like Knife through Butter” for one of the coolest death metal onslaughts you’ll hear this year. And other tunes follow up on its promise, the dirty production only amplifying the underground cred and coolness of it all. Man, three or four (that last one was confusing) full-lengths in, this band are establishing themselves as a Canadian indie unit to watch, just way cooler than your local death metal bar band. Maybe it’s the ultra-DIY credentials of the members’ old bands (the mighty Swallowing Shit, Head Hits Concrete) or maybe it’s just straddling the fine line of playing awesome but not taking themselves entirely seriously. Either way, this is fully enjoyable and shredding gore grind. (No Escape)