Putresence Fatal White Pustules upon Septic Organs

It doesn’t really matter that of these 15 grotesque gore-grind tunes from Winnipeg’s Putrescence four are live and one is an old, unreleased ditty. It’s all the same, and I mean that in the best of ways: dirty, raw and delivered with punk rock urgency, the band are sloppy and talented all at once. Not just anyone can come up with catchy gore-grind riffs with the frequency that Putrescence do. The drumming is a blast to listen to, all wild, loose and manic, but somehow holding it all together. Combine that with the lo-fi production sound and it’s all a breath of fresh air, albeit one that’s just going to sound like a jackhammer hitting a wall of glass to even some denizens of the extreme metal underground. But those who think Carcass’s second album was, like, way fucking better than their third will have a delightful time with this cool disc. (Power it up)