Pussy Riot Drop Protest Anthem "1312" with Parcas, Dillom and Muerejoven

They've also shared their "Manifesto Against Police Violence"
Pussy Riot Drop Protest Anthem '1312' with Parcas, Dillom and Muerejoven
Amid global insurgences against police brutality, Pussy Riot have shared a new anti-cop protest song, "1312," the numerical rendering of the acronym A.C.A.B. — meaning "all cops are bastards" — with Parcas, Dillom and Muerejoven.

According to a press release, the song was inspired by Chile's 2019 inequality protests. In addition to the band's new song, they have issued a message listing five steps toward reconciliation between police forces and the public during the ongoing tensions in the U.S., Latin America, Russia and across the world. 

Read them below:

Make social workers being in charge of the police institution. Their goals should be to help people to deal with social and economical problems, not to punish them and kill for no reason, as they just killed George Floyd in the US. The government and the police are our servants. Too often they forget about it and think that it's us who're here to serve them.


1. Refocus police forces towards protection of the civilians instead of oppression and violent suppression of our rights to express and demand what our communities need.

2. We are here to hold the police forces accountable for every act of violence against civilians. Nothing will go unnoticed.

3. We demand that if the police show up at the demonstration, they protect our right to speak our minds freely, act respectfully and peacefully.

4. We are the many, they are the few. We stand together with Chilean protesters, we are women who want to be safe while marching for female rights with Las Tesis. We express our solidarity with Argentinian, Chilean, Mexican, Colombian, Brazilian, Peruvian, and all Latin American sisters and street fighters who only want to have a damn right to be in charge of their bodies and their reproductive system (but only get police batons in response).

5. Police forces in Latin America and Russia need to be urgently re-trained to focus on protecting women's rights, LQBTQ+ community, and the rights of alternatively able people.

The artists have also shared a co-written "Manifesto Against Police Violence," which contains further calls to rise up against oppressors.

"Either we organize or we perish. We are facing an unprecedented escalation of brutality and state repression," the manifesto reads. "And with it, the historic opportunity to set everything on fire."

You can read their full manifesto at Pussy Riot's Medium post.

Listen to "1312" below, where you'll also find a performance of the manifesto.