Pusha T Retires from Rap Beef to Rap About Retirement Planning for Financial Services Organization

TIAA has sponsored a posse featuring Push, Wyclef Jean, Capella Grey, Lola Brooke and Flau'jae, encouraging Black workers to save

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jan 12, 2024

We haven't heard much from Pusha T since he released one of the best albums of 2022 with It's Almost Dry — aside from the rapper's Valentine's Day grilling mis-steaks, where the results were most definitely dry. Push now seems to have somewhat announced his retirement as a staple of unsavoury rap beef by rapping about retirement... planning, that is.

Pusha T is part of a new TIAA-sponsored posse called Paper Right alongside Wyclef Jean, Capella Grey, Lola Brooke and Flau'jae, who all appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night (January 11) to perform "Paper Right" — a song that serves as "a new form of financial information" by encouraging Black workers to save for retirement.

The performance sees the crew gather 'round a dining table adorned with fruit, graduation caps and, you guessed it, stacks of cash. The term "generational wealth" comes up regularly in the lyrics, with Push rapping about leaving an inheritance for his child: "Nowadays, I'm ignoring 'em / Rather build a legacy for my son, that's important for him," he flows, elsewhere adding, "When your name ring they start double-edge swordin' him / I don't do much bargaining, so I keep a side hustle for the goals that I'm targetin'."

According to the financial services organization funding this thing, at least some of the proceeds from the track will go to First Generation Investors, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching high school students the power of investing. The company cites the statistic that 54 percent of Black Americans don't have enough savings to retire, which certainly makes for a worthwhile cause — it just seems like weird pandering to make a public-service announcement about it in the form of a hip-hop song?

Hopefully everyone is getting paid for this. Watch the performance below.


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