Proc Fiskal

Shleekit Doss

BY Ashley HampsonPublished Sep 11, 2019

Continuing his genre-defying output and evolution, as seen last year with his debut full-length Insula, Proc Fiskal's Shleekit Doss EP seems to pick up where he left off.
Taking its name from a club night in Edinburgh he was running, Shleekit Doss encompasses its futuristic, high-energy sets while keeping a playful calm about it. Using Insula as a launch point, this latest EP continues to branch off and out from Proc Fiskal's diluted and hazy interpretation of grime, using bouncy and melodic components that add a splash of colour while balancing the serene with the gritty.
A collection of old FM synths feature heavily on the EP; opener "Satan" is the perfect example. Starting with no discernible beat, processed vocals flit in and out with plinking synth until it's drawn out and pushed into drone. The album is a grab bag of sounds: the micro-edits, 8-bit drops and jungle breaks of "Pico," or the 8-bit bass line on "4 Mins" that works with crisp snaps of snare and twittering synth.
The flavours on Shleekit Doss are vastly different without being overwhelming, branching out to the edges and pulling in simultaneously in a manner Proc Fiskal has now locked down.

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