Princess Superstar Is

Is Comparisons to Eminem or Paul Barman are more likely for Princess Superstar than with gender-associated artists such as Foxy Brown, Lil' Kim, Pink, or any of that ilk. Even comparisons to quality female MCs such as Medusa, Mystic or Bahamadia would be misplaced. Like Paul Barman, whom she did a track with for his It's Very Stimulating EP, on Wordsound, Princess Superstar can get kind of sloppy with her flow, but there is no denying her skill at lyrical wordplay mixed with a sarcastic sense of humour, traits in common with both Mr. Mathers and Mr. Barman. Plus, the Princess isn't adverse to getting down and dirty with the common folk, dissing anyone in her way and discussing the joys of sex as a bonus. This time she gets busy with Mr. Eon (High & Mighty, Smut Peddlers), Kool Keith and J-Zone, trades some rhymes with Bahamadia and even lets Sinista execute the cut. Despite appearances by these stars of underground hip-hop, the best tracks are most often those where the Superstar stars alone; the venomous "You Get Mad at Napster" shines vibrantly as the brightest, due in no small part to a beat that incorporates a male choir, a deep bass line and a few change-ups. The old school sound of "Trouble" helps it stand out, too, as does pulling Eminem's card on it for his obsession with dissing pop idols: "Why even bother, they'll all be gone by next week," she raps. Other songs that mix well are "Who Writes Your Lyrics," "Dichotomy" and "Keith 'N Me (Remix)." Sure, Princess Superstar may not be the saviour of hip-hop, nor does she profess to be, but what she does do is supply a steady flow of witty humour with Is (The Corrupt Conglomerate)