Prince's Unfinished Memoirs Set for Release This Year

The Purple One had penned 50 pages before his passing
Prince's Unfinished Memoirs Set for Release This Year
Only a month before his passing, it was revealed Prince was writing his memoirs. Now, plans to release the Purple One's personal tome have been announced.

Speaking on Variety's "Strictly Business" podcast, ICM Partners' publishing agent Esther Newberg unveiled that Prince's unfinished biography is expected to be published in time for this holiday season. 

Newberg revealed that before Prince's passing, he had handed in 50 handwritten manuscript pages. She also noted that the published book could include reproductions of the artist's longhand pages. Prince co-authored the book with Dan Piepenbring.

Back in 2016, Prince's memoirs were described as "an unconventional and poetic journey through his life and creative work — from the family that shaped him and the people, places, and ideas that fired his creative imagination, to the stories behind the music that changed the world."

Prince passed away on April 21, 2016, at the age of 57.