Prince Reportedly Overdosed on Percocet Days Before Death

Prince Reportedly Overdosed on Percocet Days Before Death
Yesterday (April 21), the music world suffered another major tragedy with the passing of iconic rock legend Prince. While we await official confirmation on his cause of death, new reports suggest it was related to a Percocet overdose.

Six days before his death, Prince's private jet had an emergency landing while on tour. Initially, reports indicated that the artist was suffering complications related to a flu. Since then, however, multiple sources suggested that it was actually a drug overdose.

Now, TMZ has confirmed that the emergency landing was actually due to an overdose of Percocet. Prince had allegedly ingested so much of the drug that he was required to receive a "save shot."

Percocet is a combination of acetaminophen and oxycodone. It's often prescribed to help with pain, though it's highly addictive. Prince was apparently taking the pills to help with a hip problem. He reportedly had hip surgery in 2010.

Adding to this story, Prince was also photographed outside of his local Walgreen's pharmacy on multiple occasions before he died.

Stay tuned for more information on Prince's cause of death as it becomes available. The late artist's autopsy is set to be performed today.

UPDATE (4/22, 3 p.m.): The autopsy has now been completed, but there is still no official cause of death, TMZ reports. Now, it appears it could be several weeks until Prince's cause of death is revealed, as toxicology results will not be ready until then. At this point, the Midwest Medical Examiner's Office in Minnesota said it is collecting Prince's medical records, as well as his family history, to continue its investigation.

UPDATE (4/22, 5 p.m.): The Carver County Sheriff's Office said there were "no obvious signs of trauma" in regards to Prince's death and there was no reason to believe his death was a suicide.