Prince Bought the 'Purple Rain' House

Prince Bought the 'Purple Rain' House
The future of Prince's Purple Rain house was uncertain when it went on the market in 2015, but someone ended up snagging the Minneapolis property to preserve a piece of music and movie history. Funnily enough, it turns out that the buyer was none other than Prince himself.

As Minnesota's The Current points out, Hennepin County property records list Prince's NPG Music Publishing as the owner of the Purple Rain property, which sits at 3420 Snelling Ave. The company is currently in the care of the Bremer Trust.

As previously reported, the exterior of the 1913 home was used in Purple Rain extensively, acting as the homebase of violet motorcycle-riding movie hero "The Kid." The inside of the home wasn't actually used in the flick, though, with the 2015 real estate listing having noted that "interior shots were just as likely shot in Los Angeles County as they were Hennepin, [MN] (hence the palm trees)."

It was priced at $110,000 USD went it went up for sale.

The house on Snelling Avenue was one of many properties Prince owned in the Twin Cities area. Prince had also purchased the childhood home where he lived with his dad and where he reportedly wrote his first song, at the age of seven. He also held onto the house he lived in during the early part of the 1980s, a spot that was painted purple and where Prince recorded parts of classic albums Controversy and 1999.

His real estate capital also, of course, included his Paisley Park compound. Built in the mid '80s, Prince would live there up until his death in April of an opioid overdose.

You can get more info on his Twin City properties over here.