Primus Ready New EP 'Conspiranoid,' Share 11-Minute Song

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Apr 5, 2022

Ahead of kicking off a North American tour later this month, Primus have announced a new EP. The trio will share Conspiranoid on April 22 via ATO Records.

The three-song Conspiranoid is previewed today by "Conspiranoia." As its title implies, it examines conspiratorial thinking and beliefs ranging from flat earth theory and COVID-19 as biological warfare, to stuffing garlic cloves up ones nose as a flu remedy.

"'Conspiranoia' was sprouted from a seed I had planted in my notebook a year or so ago — a few lines commenting on the mental state of the contemporary world," frontman Les Claypool shared with Consequence. "I watched the distrust and divide grow between friends, colleagues, relatives, and the general population because of the consumption and digesting of disinformation, misinformation, warped information, and flat-out fairy tales being perpetuated by anyone with a slight hint of web design aptitude. I was compelled to shed light on the ridiculousness of many of these perspectives and the lack of rational thought that was being applied in the interpretation of many such entities and theories."

Conspiranoid also includes B-sides "Follow the Fool" and "Erin On the Side of Caution." You can hear the 11-minute composition below alongside a visualizer. Primus's most recent full-length album remains 2017's The Desaturating Seven.

As previously reported, Primus will play Canada on their North American tribute tour to Rush's 1977 album A Farewell to Kings.


1. Conspiranoia
2. Follow the Fool
3. Erin On the Side of Caution

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